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The SliTaz GNU/Linux association is a non-profit entity that maintains and manages the project. Its mission is to ensure the durability of the project. It provides an infrastruture and delivers professional services to users, developers and business enterprises using the distribution.


Article 1: Name, location and duration

The “SliTaz GNU/Linux Association” is a non-profit, politically and religiously neutral association, corporately organized in line with article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code. The headquarters of the Association are based in Montpreveyres Switzerland. Its duration is unlimited.

Article 2: Purpose

The goal of the Association is to maintain, provide support, and promote and expand the SliTaz GNU/Linux distribution, thus providing an ultra-light, modern, stable, portable, fast and free operating system.


Article 3: Members

Individuals or groups interested in the goals of the Association may become members. Applications for admission are addressed to the Committee which admits new members and informs the General Assembly.

Article 4: Admission, resignation and exclusion

Each member shall recognize the statutes of the Association and decisions of the various bodies. Membership is gained by the payment of dues.

Any resignation shall be communicated in writing to the Committee. Any member resigning shall continue to pay their membership during the current year in question.

The Committee may decide on the exclusion of members for any valid reason. The Committee shall inform the General Assembly. Any member is entitled to appeal to the General Assembly. Members who resign lose any rights to the assets of the Association.

Article 5: Responsibility

Association members incur no personal liability for commitments made by the Association, only commitments secured by the assets thereof.


Article 6: Bodies

The bodies of the Association are:

Article 7: The General Assembly

The supreme body of the Association is the General Assembly. It takes place each year and consists of all members of the Association. The agenda and date must be communicated in writing to members at least eight weeks in advance. It can occur at the same time as a ‘SliTazDays’ or via videoconference.

The General Assembly is constituted as soon as 6 members with a right to vote are present in person or via videoconference. It aims to:

Each member individually or collectively shall have one vote. The cumulation of votes is prohibited. In the event of a tie, the casting vote of the Chairperson of the meeting is decisive. The voting and elections are held by show of hands or 10 days in advance by mail. They can be held by secret ballot if 1/5 of the members so request.

The General Assembly is chaired by a member of the Committee. Individual proposals must be received by the Committee at least 5 days before the date of the General Assembly.

Article 8: Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be held by the Committee or following the request of at least 1/5 of the members entitled to vote.

Article 9: The Committee

The Committee enacts itself and is composed of 3 to 5 members. It is elected by the General Assembly, but the determination of roles is under its own jurisdiction. For special tasks, the Committee may designate and appoint an officer governing working groups. The length of service of all members of the Committee shall be indefinite. This can be revoked by the General Meeting for just cause and after a commission report investigation.

The Committee directs the activities of the Association. It meets at times as and when necessary at the request of one of the members. The Committee represents the Association in relation to third parties. The signature of a member of the Committee binds the responsibility of the Association.

The Committee shall:

Article 10: Board of Audit

The General Assembly shall elect two auditors for two years. They are re-elected. They are responsible for the audit of the Association and present the results of their review in a report at the request of the General Assembly.


Article 11: Resources

The resources of the Association are:

Article 12: Contributions

The contributions of individual members and groups are set by the General Meeting. Committee members and staff volunteers do not pay fees.

Final Provisions

Article 13: Amendments to the statutes

The modification of the Association may take place only on the decision of the Committee or a General Assembly with a majority of 2/3 of those present entitled to vote, provided that the change request is contained in the agenda.

Article 14: Dissolution

The dissolution of the Association may be decided only at the request of the Committee or by half of the members entitled to vote in an Extraordinary General Meeting convened specifically for that purpose. The decision of the dissolution requires the approval of 2/3 of persons entitled to vote. In the case of dissolution, the Extraordinary General Meeting decides on the disposal of the funds of the Association mindful of the purpose of the Association.

Article 15: Ratification

The statutes were adopted by the General Assembly constituted on 31 March 2009. The statutes are effective immediately. For any which are not included in these statutes, please refer to Article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code.

Place and date: Paris on 31 March 2009

For the Association:

Christophe Lincoln     Pascal Bellard     Eric Joseph-Alexandre