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SliTaz is a community based distribution made by many people all over the world and everyone is welcome to help and get involved in the project.

Get involved

SliTaz is an open source and community driven distribution. Everyone is welcome to join and contribute, from users, to hackers and developers, there is always something to do, ie. Proofreading or writing documentation, sending bugs or patches to the Mailing list, gaining access to the wok and pushing some new packages or simply to help others on the Mailing list or forum. SliTaz has got Mercurial repositories hosted on a SliTaz system. Developers can ask for a new repo if needed and contributors have write access to correct typos, scripts, etc.

SliTaz is a tiny community and listens to its users. There are several developers who are active on the forum and the Mailing List.

For artists there is a dedicated website, simply create an account and post your graphics or pictures. The site is managed by the community. If you want to lend a hand to administer the site, please contact a contributor or e-mail the discussion list.


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