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Download flavors

The system of LiveCD flavors is a simple means for the community to generate ISO images for certain tasks by offering a selection of specific packages. There are two possibilities to create a flavor, use a flavor made by the community or create your own via a simple to use graphical interface.

LiveCD ISO Image to taste

For convenience, the SliTaz team propose some ISO flavors for the stable and cooking versions:

slitaz-3.0-xvesa.iso [29.0M] - Fully-featured desktop environment using the tiny Xvesa graphical server and providing a nice range of software for daily tasks

slitaz-4.0-firefox.iso [43.0M] - Small desktop environment featuring Mozilla Firefox

slitaz-4.0-justx.iso [16.0M] - Small desktop environment powered by Xorg and Openbox, using just an X environment and tools to build your own desktop

slitaz-4.0-base.iso [8.0M] - Base system in text mode and including useful commandline tools. A good choice for a server installation

slitaz-4.0-loram.iso [41.0M] - Loram flavor that can start SliTaz on machines with very limited resources and needs only 128MB without disabling the CD-ROM

slitaz-4.0-loram-cdrom.iso [163.0M] - Loram flavor that can boot with only 24 MB and a little swap memory, but is unable to release the CD-ROM

slitaz-4.0.iso [35.0M] - 4in1 flavor containing the base, justx, gtkonly and core ISOs

[ ] Browse flavors directory on the mirror: Stable | Cooking

Getting and generating a flavor

A flavor is a (.flavor) file to generate a special flavor. The graphical tool Tazlitobox can create a flavor in a few mouse clicks. The Tazlito manual and documentation provide detailed instructions on the generation of flavors. On the command line, you can get a list of available flavors via tazlito list-flavors.

Create and share your own flavor

The stable and cooking versions offer the flavor core on the mirror, it can be used as a basis to create your own flavor. The documentation in the Handbook provides all the necessary instructions to create your own LiveCD flavor.

If you have created your own flavor to taste, you can send it on the discussion list for it to be tested and included in the official flavors.