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Get SliTaz

Download the latest stable version for production purposes or a solid desktop environment. Use the Cooking version to test and help us improve the distribution.

Help the project via a small donation or become an official sponsor.

General information

This part of the site allows you to download a free copy of the SliTaz GNU/Linux LiveCD or to get utilities and tools source code. To start using the LiveCD ISO image you can refer to the English online documentation. You can also find help and support on SliTaz's English Forum.


SliTaz is mirrored actually in France by ADS, and TuxFamily. In Switzerland by SWITCHmirror, in China by LupaWorld, in the USA by Ibiblio and in Brazil by UFPR. Huge thanks.


Tazpkg (Package manager), Tazlito (SliTaz Live Tool), Tazwok (Source builder), Tazusb (LiveUSB Tool) and the SliTaz Tools tarballs can all be downloaded from the TuxFamily mirror. Note that all the utilities are installed by default on SliTaz and source code is commented in English. Download sources by HTTP or FTP

LiveCD - Stable version

SliTaz stable version provides a mature operating system, widely tested by an active community. The core LiveCD offers you a large selection of multi-use packages carefully integrated into the distribution, thus resulting in a coherent and robust system. Current 4.0 stable version was released on 10 April 2012.

SliTaz GNU/Linux 4.0 (35 Mb) - slitaz-4.0.iso [ md5 ]

A bootable CD-ROM image of all available packages for the stable version is generated every day. It also contains a copy of the website and can be used without an internet connection via the script.

Collection of SliTaz GNU/Linux 4.0 packages (3.0 Gb) - packages-4.0.iso [ md5 ]

Windows users and DOS users can install SliTaz without partitioning. The following ZIP archive has to be extracted in C:\ and the boot instructions can be found in C:\slitaz\boot\install.txt

SliTaz GNU/Linux 4.0 archive (51 Mb) -

LiveCD - Rolling version

SliTaz Rolling LiveCD is a constantly evolving version, fully usable, it allows you to test the latest improvements and packages, ask for new features or report bugs to help us to prepare for the stable version. SliTaz Rolling ISO released weekly.

SliTaz GNU/Linux Rolling (43 MB) - slitaz-rolling.iso [ md5 ]

Rolling flavors can be found on mirror.

Floppy boot disk

This floppy diskette can start SliTaz on old PCs with or without a CD-ROM. It can boot SliTaz from a usb flash drive, a SliTaz CD/DVD, a hard drive, the LAN by PXE and even the Internet with gPXE.

Floppy disk (1,44 MB) - image [ md5 ]

You can write this floppy image with SliTaz bootfloppybox, Windows rawrite or simply dd (dd if=floppy-grub4dos of=/dev/fd0).

A floppy image set is also available for people who can't use a CD-ROM, USB key or Ethernet card.