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SliTaz Association

The SliTaz GNU/Linux association is a non-profit entity that maintains and manages the project. Its mission is to ensure the durability of the project and provide the infrastructure.


The SliTaz GNU/Linux is an international association based in Switzerland and respects the Swiss Civil Code. The association is comprised of a committee and members and provides financial and staff remuneration. Members meet once a year at a general meeting and decide for example, the activities of the association or the membership fees. Each member has a right to vote on individual proposals and can use the hardware (inc. cdrom, T-shirts) of the association to help setup a working group to organize events.

The project takes on the scale and demands of the professional world more and more frequently and the creation of the association is seen as something of a necessity. We chose an association economic model to meet the needs of the project and also provide solid and high quality services to our users and business partners who wish to sponser the project.

A copy of the statutes is sent to each member upon registration and a PDF version is always available online: status-association-slitaz.pdf | English Translation.

Current objectives

SliTaz is a project using the open development model and all the work is done by a community of volunteers. Our goal is to improve and provide better organization of contributions. The project's friendliness, support, update sites, maintenance services, technical support and management teams are topics that we would like to address and professionalize.

To achieve this, we would ideally like 1 or 2 developers to work part-time or full-time on SliTaz. They would have the responsibility to consolidate and optimize existing systems while dealing with new demands. The various sub-projects would also be more dynamic and would see new features published much more frequently.


The association is open to any persons. Becoming a member allows you to support the project and ensure its sustainability through an annual fee.

To join, just send us a letter or email: asso(at) You will then receive an information pack, details of payment fees and a copy of the statutes. The minimum contribution was set at 40 Euros for the year 2009-10. In the email, please specify your:


There are various ways to financially support the association, become a member or sponsor, or make a one-off payment via PayPal online secure services or by using a bank transfer. For a micropayment you can use Flattr, which is a very nice service with open-source in mind. The project also has some logistical needs, any donated equipment in good working order is welcomed.

SliTaz cryptocurrency wallet:

ETH: 0x3daA23ee83158A4bF9980e28ab02118d1319113F | View on

Postal Address

Association SliTaz
Rue du Village 40
1081 Montpreveyres